Welcome to Funky Goddess studio!

Funky goddess studio is the first pole dance studio in Israel

runs by Neta Lee Levy - Israel's pole dance pioneer since 2005.

Neta Lee is a professional dancer/circus artist and diverse pole dancer that won artistic European championship in 2011 as well as many national art/exotic comps and represented Israel at the IPSF world championship in 2018.

She train competitors and got recognition for her unique style and personality.

Neta Lee runs her own instructors program A.P.D.T since 2010.

Our studio offers pole dance/technique, pole exotic  and flexibility trainning for all levels beginners to masters.

We give privet session as well. 

Funky goddess studio main branch  is located at the super hip neighborhood Florentine - south/center of Tel Aviv - 10 min walk from its amazing beach front.

 Check out our instegram @poledanceisrael


*please notice to book your spot in advance

*note this sechedule is for Tel aviv


19:00 - Pole level 2+3

20:00 - Flexibility


18:30 - Pole 2+3

19:30 - Exotic pole 

20:30 - Pole Intro


19:30 - Pole 1

20:30 - Pole 2+3


18:00 - Pole intro

19:00 - Spinning pole for all level

Feel free to contact us at :


or by phone/whatsupp :

Carmit  972-(0)54-455-3036

we would love you to join us for practice !

Price :

first time trial: 50

single class: 100

4 classes package: 320

16 classes package: 960 

single month membership: 700

6 month membership: 600 X 6 

single privet session: 320/350 (for 2 people)

5 privet sessions: 1500 (300 per session)

10 privet sessions: 2800 (280 per session)

*all prices are in shekels.